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Noah Freiman22 Jan 20242 min read

Our learnings from six months with our gen AI assistant Chat BWG

In August 2023, we took a leap forward in the realm of generative AI by launching our gen AI assistant Chat BWG. We are now unfolding our key learnings and reflect on the valuable lessons gained from this experience.

Why we invested in Chat BWG

Generative AI is continuously advancing and it’s imperative that we do too. We've transitioned into a new era where gen AI has become more crucial than ever. To harness the potential of artificial intelligence we developed and designed a gen AI solution that is reliable and secure, without compromising its performance. Over these past six months Chat BWG has proven itself to accommodate just that.

We always want to learn more and go further. Investing in AI helps us to expand our AI knowledge, and to go beyond and adopt AI into our ways of working. This enables our colleagues to accomplish greater outcomes and deliver substantial impact.


Built with latest technology

Chat BWG is fast, accurate and secure. Based on the latest technology from Microsoft and a well curated interface we’re able to provide an ensemble of valuable functionalities.

"By leveraging the Azure Open AI Services and deploy the latest GPT-4 model combined with using the Azure infrastructure to host our solution we were able to build a secure and scalable product," says Fredrik Bondeson, Chat BWG Lead Developer & Accigo Partner.


How we use it in our business. How we create value. 

Chat BWG enables our colleagues to gain knowledge, perform quick R&D analyses, improve efficiency, and unleash creativity in so many ways. It sparks continuous learning and improvement among our colleagues and helps us to achieve more—faster.

 Gen AI supports our team members to work more innovatively in two key domains. By integrating Chat BWG into our toolkit, we are pushing the boundaries of what’s possible in our pursuit, enabling us to generate better solutions. It is also helpful for writing texts, drafts and recommendations. This helps us to rapidly accelerate in any related task and free valuable time for our team members. It allows them to engage in their creative thinking from the very start—an approach we’ve found to be highly important in delivering impact with our clients.

We continue to learn more. With several ongoing AI initiatives, combined with inspirational forums and educations we’re growing our businesses. Chat BWG quickly engaged 30% of our colleagues when we held our big bang launch 18th of August, 2023. Today 67% of our colleagues use Chat BWG on a weekly basis. Our product continues to develop as gen AI is improving. We're also deploying more advanced and tailored features based on data from our users and demand, whilst maintaining security and assurance as our top priorities.


Successful launch as white label application

Early on we recognized the significant value that Chat BWG could add to our clients' day-to-day operations. This realization led us to launch a new service within our AI portfolio, offering Chat BWG as a tailored solution to meet our clients' needs. Our white label program is now fully operational, and it's incredibly rewarding to witness our clients leveraging this service to enhance their projects on a daily basis.


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Noah Freiman

Chat BWG Product owner & Centigo Business Consultant