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We are developing the leadership of the future. Do you want to join?

Centigo is a dynamic organisation where we care about our clients needs as well as the development and ambitions of our employees. It has proven to be successful.

Here, you have the opportunity to work in key roles with some of the most exciting assignments in the market and in close collaboration with our clients. Additionally, you are provided with all the opportunities to develop our clients, their offerings, and your own skills.

We want to be a greenhouse for people

We aim to provide a diversity of developmental paths for a variety of individuals. By attracting the best talent and unlocking their inherent powers, we get satisfied clients and continuous growth.


Greenhouse for people
For you with experience

Do you want to be one of us?

At Centigo, we constantly seek new talents in various industries. Are you curious about Centigo? Contact us and we will discuss potential opportunities.

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For recent graduates

Trainee Program

The Trainee Program is designed for those about to graduate, recent graduates, or individuals new to worklife (in Sweden only).

This program provides practical project experience along with regular training sessions related to business acumen, consulting skills, and leadership. It also includes ongoing coaching, guidance, and mentorship to provide you with the right conditions to develop into a successful management consultant.  

Trainee Program
1-2 years left of studies

Talent Program

The Talent Program is a perfect opportunity for you with 1-2 years left of studies, to learn more about the consulting craft and to get to know us at Centigo (in Sweden only).

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Do you want to be one of us?

We are developing the leadership of the future. Centigo is looking for individuals who are business-driven, understand the reasons behind the success of some companies and the failure of others, and enjoy solving the challenges that arise along the way. Do you want to join us?

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