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Public Sector

Public Sector

We work in close partnership with Central Government, Local Government, and State Agencies to assist in improving national wellbeing and help solve key economic and social challenges. Our experts advise and support the public sector in setting policy and driving strategic, transformational changes which have a lasting positive impact on society.

Our work spans multiple sectors and functions, including strategy, innovation, organisational design, cultural change, digital transformation and ESG. We support public sector clients from strategy through to execution to deliver tangible impact and sustainable results.

Economic Policy

Design and implement economic development, job creation, and economic growth strategies.

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Organisation Strategies & Business Plans

Shape strategy and develop business plans for public sector entities to leverage value for money generated in relation to their intended role and purpose.

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SME Growth

Support state agencies to enable SMEs develop strategies, innovations, and leadership capabilities to thrive in a hyper challenging and ever-changing world.

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Environmental, Social and Governance

Facilitate embedding ESG within the purpose, strategy, and culture of public sector organisations as a critical factor in improving the wellbeing of society and its citizens.

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Digital Transformation

Leverage digital and data to improve the quality of life for citizens and to support companies and government to be more productive.


Culture Change

Enable delivery of strategic objectives through culture change. We address every element of culture change, from initial assessment through to implementation and continuous monitoring and refinement.

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Why Centigo?

We create Business Wellness companies
Based on our experience, we have developed the model and philosophy that we call Business Wellness. With the help of this model, we can analyse a company's ability to achieve long-term success.
Independent actor

As an independent actor, we can objectively evaluate all solutions on the market and provide clients with unbiased and tailored advice to ensure that their needs and goals are met in the best possible way.

We work with our clients, rather than for our clients
At Centigo, we believe in creating lasting partnerships by working with our clients rather than just performing tasks for them. This means we strive to build personal relationships that go beyond business connections.

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