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Supply Chain & Operations

Supply Chain & Operations

Modern logistics with sustainability in focus

We help your organisation increase precision, efficiency, and flexibility in how value is created and delivered through the flow of physical products and services. To realise the potential of organisational logistics operations and assortment offerings, Centigo provides a comprehensive understanding from strategic to operational levels, where long-term vision and sustainability permeate all dimensions.

Demand-driven Supply Chain Management

We assist organisations in developing their processes for forecasting and efficient order placement, with the aim of ensuring that the right goods are available at the right time in a cost-effective manner.


Value-creating Assortment and Category Management

In an ever-changing and competitive market, it is crucial to navigate and steer the product range based on a clear and data-driven vision.


Customer-driven Logistics

Customer-driven logistics tailors the coordination and execution of transportation, warehouse management, and the distribution of the physical flow of products to create a supply chain that is not only efficient but also adaptable to the customer's changing and unique needs.


We are your partner forward!

With extensive industry experience, Centigo possesses the requisite expertise to support organisations on their journey towards more efficient and data-driven logistics flows, as well as optimised product range offerings. We assist our clients in adopting a long-term orientation and in ensuring a sustainable business strategy, taking into account both risk and opportunity perspectives.

Centigo medarbetare

Why Centigo?

We create Business Wellness companies

Based on our experiences, we have developed the model and philosophy that we call Business Wellness. Using this model, we can analyze a company's ability to achieve long-term success.

Independent operator

As an independent operator, we can neutrally evaluate all solutions in the market and provide the customer with objective and tailored advice to ensure that their needs and goals are met in the best possible way.

We work together with our clients, rather than for our clients

At Centigo, we believe in creating lasting partnerships by working together with our clients rather than merely performing tasks for them. This means we strive to build personal relationships that go beyond business connections.

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