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Are you interested in collaborating with us?

Centigo is an employee-owned organisation. For each project, client, and business unit, there is a responsible partner.

Shirin Tagavi
Supply Chain & Operations Shirin Tagavi
Supply Chain & OperationsShirin Tagavi

Michael Ericsson
Innovation & Design Michael Ericsson
Innovation & DesignMichael Ericsson

Amanda Sandén
Transformation Amanda Sandén
TransformationAmanda Sandén

Stephan Ehrhardt
New Business Stephan Ehrhardt
New BusinessStephan Ehrhardt

+46 8 5222 72 53

Melissa Shelley Höjwall profilbild
Change Management Melissa Shelley Höjwall
Change ManagementMelissa Shelley Höjwall 

David Thuresson
Technology & Data David Thuresson
Technology & DataDavid Thuresson

+46 736613072

Fiorella Piedra
Advisory Fiorella Piedra
AdvisoryFiorella Piedra

Mattias Fick
Property & Construction Mattias Fick
Property & ConstructionMattias Fick

Stephan Renaudin
Retail & Consumer Goods Stéphane Renaudin
Retail & Consumer GoodsStéphane Renaudin

+46 70 083 74 69

Ellen Bergh
Energy & Utilities Ellen Bergh
Energy & UtilitiesEllen Bergh

+46-70-243 10 60

We create Business Wellness-companies. Every day.

Business Wellness is our way of looking at what characterises successful companies. Within Centigo and Business Wellness Group, we have accumulated over a thousand years of experience in helping companies achieve success. Based on our experiences, we have developed the model and philosophy that we call Business Wellness. Using the model, we can analyse a company's ability to achieve long-term success.

Centigo is your collaborative partner for business-critical and cross-functional change. We would be pleased to assist you in connecting with the right person within our organisation. Reach out to us using the form on the right, and we will ensure you get in touch with the person you are seeking.

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200+ Co-workers
2000+ Mission
5 Offices

Our offices

Mattias Olsson farg-1
Stockholm Mattias Olsson
StockholmMattias Olsson

Anna Bern Centigo
Malmö Anna Bern
Johan Lindstrand Centigo
Göteborg Johan Lindstrand
GöteborgJohan Lindstrand

+46 700 837 401

ray nulty uk ireland
UK & Ireland Ray Nulty
UK & IrelandRay Nulty