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Who we are

Centigo is your modern partner for business-critical and cross-functional change

We are a group of exceptionally committed individuals with a unique combination of cutting-edge expertise and a drive to create change. With a holistic perspective, we develop resilient, efficient organisations with competitive sustainability. We call this Business Wellness.

Centigo is part of Business Wellness Group, which also includes the sister company Accigo. Founded in 2002, Centigo has grown organically. Today we have over 200 colleagues working with clients across a variety of industries in Scandinavia, the UK, and Ireland, helping to enhance performance and truly make a difference.

A 100-year strategy guides our vision

Centigo aims to inspire and lead people in creating healthy and prosperous organisations. We apply this philosophy to both our clients and ourselves.

A Business Wellness organisation is profitable, creates jobs, fosters wellbeing, strengthens society, and is focused on sustainability.

More than anything else we do, we hope to benefit the world by introducing a new way of running organisations. 


Sensible Growth. Everywhere.

Our vision is ambitious and long-term. Our 100-year strategy sets a blueprint for how we act as a company and as individuals to achieve our vision. The vision, “Sensible Growth. Everywhere”, is at the core of everything we do.

Sensible Growth. Everywhere.

Business Wellness. Our mission.

Business Wellness® is our philosophy and how we distinguish successful organisations. To perform well and achieve success, organisations need to be healthy and resilient over time. A healthy organisation is efficient, profitable, and competitive. A resilient organisation has the ability to change and evolve, staying ahead of the competition.

Business Wellness. Our mission.

What are the characteristics of a Business Wellness organisation?

Engaging purpose

Driven by an authentic, clear 'why'

Long-term perspective

A long-term view on creating value

Focused direction

A clear direction for creating value

Insights & innovation

Innovates through regular stakeholder dialogue and industry insights


Is vigorous through dynamic governance and maintained momentum

Leadership for full potential

Enables distributed leadership and self-governance

Holistic view

Capable of harmonising its elements and perspectives 


Can balance conflicting viewpoints

Strategic principles that guide our approach

A vision should remain steady; however, strategic principles can evolve over time. We have five guiding strategic principles that emphasise areas of focus and progress in the short-to-medium-term (1-3 years).

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Our strategic principles

Continuous Development

The ability to change in harmony with the world is fundamental to our long-term success. Renewal should be encouraged by everyone in all parts of the organisation.


Individuals grow with responsibility. We believe efficient companies are created through maximised distribution of personal responsibility. Therefore, we strive to turn hierarchies upside down.
Global Challenger
We have a vision that makes it impossible for us to limit ourselves as a domestic company. We have all the attributes to become a global challenger and shape future companies and leaders across the globe.
Greenhouse for People
We offer a variety of development paths for a diverse range of people. We achieve success by attracting the best employees and unleashing their strengths.
Growth is necessary to create space for our employees to evolve and to make a greater difference in our world. Our long-term principle requires profitable growth.

We have a genuine belief in people and their abilities

Centigo is a value-driven company. Our core values guide our way of running and developing our own business, as well as how we work on our client assignments.

Our values remain consistent over time, even as the company changes.

Medarbetare Centigo

Our core values


We are dedicated to and passionate about solving our clients' problems and strive to help organisations develop market-leading skills to tackle key challenges. Professionalism is central for us at Centigo when it comes to how we deal with each other, as well as how we develop ourselves and the organisation.


We are target-driven entrepreneurs with the ability to transform great ideas into sustainable business. We dare to challenge. Centigo offers both the drive and the knowledge to identify opportunities when the world changes. We never stagnate in habitual patterns or methods. Like our clients, we require constant development, innovation, and new thinking.


Our business philosophy, Business Wellness, has emerged from the concept of balance. For us, it is about balancing several important factors - professionalism and entrepreneurial spirit, the individuals and the organisation, and work and leisure. An organisation and an individual in balance have the power and courage to change and drive development.


Centigo's DNA

The foundation constitutes the very core of our organisation and defines how and why we are structured as we are.

This foundation not only reflects us as an organisation; it is reflected in everything we do.

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Our foundation

Distributed leadership

Responsibilities shall be distributed and delegated as far as possible. Responsibility is taken primarily by the individual. Therefore, we have leaders instead of managers, where a leader is someone that others want to follow. 


Centigo should always be able to stand on it's own. This lets us put all our energy into our two key stakeholders - clients and employees. Centigo shall always be profitable to ensure that it is fully financed and owned by people with deep involvement in the company. 

Ambition driven

We develop according to the sum of our employees' individual ambitions. They are the source of energy that we harness to drive the company's evolution. It is this drive that will take us towards the objectives we have not yet defined.

We are passionate about changing our industry

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