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Ulrika Axelsson01 Nov 20231 min read

Learnability is key for AI competitiveness

Centigo recently co-hosted the event “Rising to the Strategic Challenges of Competitive Artificial Intelligence” together with the British-Swedish Chamber of Commerce. Some 60 guests gathered to take part of Countries editor at the Economist, Alisdair Ross’ world outlook and AI forecast. The outlook was followed by a panel debate including Anna Mossberg, Board Professional and Advisor; Danica Kragic, Professor, School of Electrical Engineering and Computer Science, Royal Institute of Technology and David Thuresson, director and AI lead at Centigo. The debate was moderated by Dr. Ian Richardson, Director of Executive Education at Stockholm Business School.

Our five key take aways: 

  1. Technology (with the birth of ChatGPT as a key driver) is one of the current key global development accelerators alongside security (Russia’s invasion of Ukraine as key driver), more localised supply chain (following the covid pandemic), democratic discontent (including turnaround in globalization and increased populism) and of course, climate change.
  2. New technology has geopolitical implications where we see an emerging nationalistic race for dominance defined by what nation has the most attractive resources, who leads the tech development and who sets the standards.
  3. Sweden and the UK has different approaches to the race for AI dominance. Sweden traditionally distributes public investments and grants on a wider range of players and projects, rather than focusing the efforts. This may have led to a less efficient push, especially compared to the targeted efforts in the UK, regarded as a top three Westen countries in terms of AI-investments and in number of AI-related start-ups.
  4. Data is (again) key to successful AI also on a national level. The country that cracks the code to data will be the world winners.
  5. Learnability will be the main divider between countries, companies and organizations that keep up with the pace, and those who don’t. Leaders need to take responsibility to build and develop organizational strengths and knowledge to keep up with the high speed of development.

Are you interested in learning more how your organization can strengthen your AI-knowledge and be part of the winners in this race? Centigo is one of the leading advisors on next generation AI, and how it can bring value to organizations. We have extensive experience in advising boards and executives in AI-related areas as well as in developing new exciting use cases within generative AI.

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