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Ray Nulty14 Feb 20232 min read

Centigo and The Disruption House bring ESG Benchmarking to SMEs

During the last six months we have seen a substantial shift in client focus to address their ESG status, particularly in respect of carbon emissions. Much of this change is driven by demand from larger business customers. More and more, tenders, requests for quotes and renewal of contracts are accompanied by increasingly comprehensive and onerous ESG information demands about standards, business policies, environmental declarations, staff training, supplier preparations and so on. This has created challenges for most organisations and especially SMEs who generally don’t have anyone with responsibility for ESG nor the skills, systems, data or processes in place to meet these requirements.

The business case is clear - failure to reduce carbon emissions within purchased products and services and provide (independently) verified proof will put the business in jeopardy. You get the impression that a dam has recently burst and that an enormous wall of water is rushing down the river and going to play havoc with everything downstream and those who have not prepared will be lucky not to get caught up and potentially washed away.

Most organisations have laudable but unrealistic carbon emission reduction targets as they struggle to measure and address scope two and scope three omissions. Those who have been asked to provide more granular information including full Life Cycle Analysis (LCAs) and Environmental Product Declarations (EPDs) are very aware of the difficulties of collecting this data and the future implications for their business and operating model.

The Disruption House: Sustainability as a Service.

We are delighted to partner with The Disruption House (TDH) to help organisations benchmark their preparations against peer organisations. The benchmarks are fairly quick and easy to undertake. The benefits include helping clients make better informed big-picture decisions on:

  • Opportunities and risks based on insights of performance relative to peers
  • Materiality and where best to prioritise and focus efforts
  • Improvement targets both internally and within supply chain
  • Business case for investing in ESG and aligning it with strategic plans and innovation objectives.  

“In an ever-evolving landscape, the speed of change is vital to staying relevant. Despite eagerness for sustainability practices, companies often find it difficult and draining on their resources - which is where The Disruption House comes in! Our mission is to make sustainable solutions accessible so businesses can benefit from tools that provide resilience quickly and cost efficiently. Our partnership with Centigo marks an exciting milestone in our mission: to provide their customers access to a cutting-edge ESG diagnostic tool that can quickly pinpoint actionable solutions. Together, we’re empowering businesses of all sizes to take those steps towards building a more sustainable tomorrow!” - Rupert Bull

Centigo has added TDH’s Interactive benchmarking platform to our portfolio of tools to enable our clients to benchmark, track and monitor key ESG metrics including: emissions, resource consumption, energy management, renewables, recycling, ethical business practices and more.

TDH’s interactive platform enables you to discover your business resilience and sustainability quickly, easily and affordably. The insightful data analytics and bespoke recommendations guide stakeholders towards sustainable business growth via achievable and demonstrable milestones.

This self service platform will enable organisations to monitor and set targets. Information is presented in a way that is easily visualized to demonstrate progress to staff, clients and investors.

This collaboration will build upon our focused efforts to bring ESG and sustainability solutions to the market. TDH compliments our existing stress testing, scenario analysis, stakeholder sentiment analysis, ESG risk and satellite climate risk analytics tools.

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Ray Nulty

Partner with joint responsibility for our UK and Ireland businesses and leads our Financial Services, Innovation, Strategy and ESG work.