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Ludvig Millfors26 Jan 20234 min read

Your IT budget will be under pressure 2023!

Concerned that you are overspending on IT? Not getting enough value from your investments? Have you been tasked to reduce IT costs? If yes to any of the above, then this offer is for you!

As we all know, organizations are right now finding themselves in a more challenging financial environment. CIOs and CFOs find it harder and harder to find funding for new digital initiatives or growing already started initiatives. There is, or will be very shortly, pressure to explain how an organization can save on operational costs. The growing space of IT & Digitalization capabilities is no exception. 

Reduce unnecessary IT costs to fund new Digital Capabilities

The key success factor for 2023 is to become lean without losing essential capabilities. After an era of unprecedented growth in building digital capabilities, most organizations have had focus on speed and time to market. This means that the overall attention to IT costs has been somewhat set aside in the race to digitalize services and customer experience. Little attention has been paid to shutting down applications or servers that are losing importance. When placed under the microscope most organizations will be able to find costs that can be reduced. The scrutiny on IT spend does not necessarily mean that growing digital capabilities must stop. The market expects continued growth in digital experiences. In addition, some digital transformations are necessary to support operational improvements and efficiencies in the overall landscape. It does, however, mean that some of the funding will have to be found by rationalizing current IT or digital services. CIOs and CFOs can move money from operational expenditure to investments in new capabilities.

Traditionally organizations turn to benchmarks to understand how they are aligned in comparison to other somewhat similar organizations. Is a snapshot of IT Expenditure a good enough measure? Will the peer group be relevant enough? Will it teach you anything about your consumption or where it is heading? We doubt it. We believe that this is a good time to establish a solid new ground for your understanding of how you consume IT.

Our insight can help you understand your IT spend combining modern tools, experiences, and skillsets

Centigo has been around for 20 years. Some of our consultants have been active in the IT Management space for a lot longer than that. We have extensive experience as well as a broad spectrum of projects from transformations in the IT and Digitalization space.  Our collective experiences often center around Cost efficiency for CIOs. We know we are one of the best consultancies in the space of IT Financial Management. We have very little faith in Benchmarking as a measure alone. We know that every organization has diverse needs and is in different stages of maturity. This means our approach to helping our clients understand IT Spend is comprehensive. We also know that we can still deliver a comprehensive overview in a standardized manner combining modern tools, experiences, and skillsets      
All organizations are already a few steps into a bear market. With this shift in mind, Centigo has packaged a service now being offered to quickly get insight into the finances of IT and digitalization. We are quite confident that we will help establish solid insight and help pinpoint areas where you can reduce unnecessary costs.

Our approach involves 3 phases in roughly 6 weeks

  1. Data Collection phase (about 2 weeks): We have a standardized set of questions and requests for reports and other data that we initiate the data collection phase with.

  2. Information phase (about 1-2 weeks): During this time, we make a transmittable understanding of the data into reports and dashboards. We use the internationally acclaimed framework called Technology Business Management (TBM) to sort the data into standardized information buckets. If the organization is of considerable size, we use a cloud-based tool called Apptio to ensure speed and address the larger amounts of data gathered. Apptio is one of the best systems for the task in the world and enables us to use embedded dashboards and reporting capabilities to dissect and analyze the information.

  3. Analysis phase (about 2-3 weeks): In the analysis phase, because we have standardized the information in the TBM model, we can use this information for more relevance in benchmarking. The third phase delivers identified savings potential. Findings will be based on experiences from similar objects. We can with ease simulate scenarios for savings. By the end of this phase, we deliver a recommendation as a list of potential savings objects that we validate with your current strategy. 

Given our experience in this area and our refined methodology, we provide this service as a package with a fixed price and an estimated 6-week project. Please reach out if you identify this as an ongoing or growing concern within your organization. We would be happy to introduce this offering in more detail. 


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