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Centigo is a dynamic organisation, one that cares both about our clients and employees’ development and ambitions. So far, it has proven to be very successful. Working at Centigo, you will have the opportunity to work in important roles, with some of the most exciting assignments in the market and in close cooperation with our clients. In addition, you will be given all the opportunities to develop our clients, their offers and your own competence.

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We want to empower people

We want to offer a variety of development pathways for a diverse range of people. We achieve success by attracting the best talents and releasing their inherent powers.

Upcoming events

12th Nov: The On-Demand City

Orientation seminar

Understanding the opportunities and risks for all actors at the urban scale in modern digital living.

19th Nov: Disruptive transformation of construction and real estate industry - when will it happen?

Evening event

The construction industry has had a negative development in productivity over the past 20 years while the productivity within many other industries has almost doubled. The prerequisites are different - is there a hidden potential waiting to be realized?

27th Nov: Payment outlook - Trends within payments

Evening event

The payment industry, one of the most dynamic areas within banking and finance, is continuously changing. Therefore, it is crucial for you within retail, banking and finance to follow and monitor mega trends.

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