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Energy Strategy

We transform energy challenges into opportunities

We are ready to guide you through the rapidly changing energy landscape and turn potential challenges into future opportunities. Many companies turn to us when facing challenges beyond their expertise, such as increased electrification needs, capacity shortages, or the risk of rising costs.

Through a carefully crafted strategy, we can help strengthen your position in the market, identify the right collaborators, and show the world that you are not only keeping pace with developments but also leading them. We analyse the overall energy situation to enable you to optimise energy use and make smart investments so you not only reduce costs but also create new revenue streams.

The key to this lies in creating an energy strategy together with our experts that charts your course toward an elevated position in today's growing electrified world. With our support, you take control of your energy future and establish yourself as a leader in the industry.

We help you develop a company-specific energy strategy

The Energy Management division at Centigo is an independent player with extensive knowledge and experience in energy issues from a business perspective. We firmly believe that each client is unique and requires tailored support to address their specific needs in the energy sector. We deliver this by harnessing our deep expertise, covering areas such as:

  • Digitalisation
  • Strategy development
  • Change and implementation projects

We have a proven track record in driving efficient and profitable projects

Previous projects with industry-leading clients in the green transition have given us extensive experience to help you navigate and find your place in the energy market. Our expertise is broad and covers almost every aspect of electrification. We support you in bridging the knowledge gap so that you can take advantage of opportunities and understand the challenges that come with this transition.

Once a clear strategy is developed, we can also facilitate the implementation of plans to ensure that the change is lasting and profitable.

Helena Dykes Ellen Bergh

Why Centigo?

We create Business Wellness companies
Based on our experience, we have developed the model and philosophy that we call Business Wellness. With the help of this model, we can analyse a company's ability to achieve long-term success.
Independent actor

As an independent actor, we can objectively evaluate all solutions on the market and provide clients with unbiased and tailored advice to ensure that their needs and goals are met in the best possible way.

We work with our clients, rather than for our clients
At Centigo, we believe in creating lasting partnerships by working with our clients rather than just performing tasks for them. This means we strive to build personal relationships that go beyond business connections.

Take control over your energy future

We help you to find the right expertise.