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Transformation Management

Transformation Management

Successful transformation with lasting results

Centigo assists organisations in implementing extensive cross-functional changes in their operations. This includes realising a new strategy, introducing new system solutions, and developing new processes and practices on a larger scale, commonly referred to as transformation.

Transformations are business-critical, involve significant investments, and are complex to manage as they impact the entire organisation or large parts of it. We understand the entire transformation process and critical success factors, such as the importance of early change management and creating ownership within the organisation.

We take on the role of Business Integrator, working closely with our clients, harnessing our transformation experience to power implementation and management. With a structured and quality-assured process, we help our clients succeed in transformation, ensuring goals are achieved, and results are sustained with strong ownership within the organisation.

Business Integrator: together, we run transformation with you

Over the years, we have carried out many transformations, learning from challenges and successes. Through this experience, we have developed processes, methods, and tools for successful transformation. Combining our comprehensive industry knowledge, experience in leading people through change, process expertise, and high IT understanding, we enable an efficient transformation process.

We help define clear goals and benefits with the transformation and shape a model for governance and leadership. We lead, drive, and take responsibility for the transformation alongside our clients, ensuring continuous benefits at every stage. Our clients receive tools to take ownership during and after implementation, creating long-term value.

Centigo medarbetare

We are your partner

With our support, you can transform your company in a structured and controlled manner, helping you to achieve your unique business goals. We also provide experts in change management, ensuring a well-anchored transformation and strong internal ownership.

We are with you every step of the way, from strategy to implementation, enabling lasting impact long after the transformation is implemented.

David Lindahl och Sandra Norén

Why Centigo?

We create Business Wellness companies
Based on our experience, we have developed the model and philosophy that we call Business Wellness. With the help of this model, we can analyse a company's ability to achieve long-term success.
Independent actor

As an independent actor, we can objectively evaluate all solutions on the market and provide clients with unbiased and tailored advice to ensure that their needs and goals are met in the best possible way.

We work with our clients, rather than for our clients
At Centigo, we believe in creating lasting partnerships by working with our clients rather than just performing tasks for them. This means we strive to build personal relationships that go beyond business connections.

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